http://www.suedleasing.de/en/company/organization/ // 27.11.2015

Our market-focused lineup

SüdLeasing, a wholly owned LBBW Leasing GmbH subsidiary, operates in three main areas. Our Corporates & Bank, Vendor and Automotive divisions align their activities carefully with customers' needs to ensure that we continue to offer today's fast-paced leasing market the best possible service and performance. Corporate customers, in particular international makers of capital goods, are a key business focus.

In the midsize business segment, the formation of our Corporates & Bank division has helped to widen collaboration with other entities across the LBBW Group, including LBBW, LRP, Sachsen-Bank and BW-Bank, as well as with savings banks. SüdLeasing mainly offers tailored leasing and financing solutions for machinery and construction equipment, manufacturing plants, transport and logistics, food and beverage industries and IT equipment.

Due to the close cooperation with the sister company SüdFactoring [1] , which operates in the German factoring business for more than 40 years, we offer additionally factoring solutions to optimate our clients' working capital.

This lineup means that SüdLeasing, the LBBW Group's high-volume equipment leasing arm, is well placed to offer domestic and international customers outstanding products and services from a single source.

Links within the text:  [1] http://www.suedfactoring.de